We have been super busy!

A new publication – 11/10/2017

In collaboration with Dr Hugo Spiers we published a paper on importance of congruency of brain stimulation at encoding and retrieval of long-term memory. Our results are consistent with the proposal that reinstatement of neural oscillations during retrieval supports successful memory retrieval. In particular thanks to James-Calum Glen for his hard work in different phases of the study.

Javadi, A.-H., Glen, J. C., Halkiopoulos, S., Schulz, M., & Spiers, H. J. (2017). Oscillatory Reinstatement Enhances Declarative MemoryThe Journal of Neuroscience, 37(41), 265–17. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0265-17.2017

Methods, Combined, Gradient

Our first group meeting – 05/10/2017

We had our first group meeting of the new academic year of 2017-18. It began with a presentation by me bragging about our achievements in the past year 😉 Then we played a game that was designed by me. The game turned out to be very cheesy 🙂 Students were very kind not to mentioning it in my face. Perhaps I should stop designing games. But I was very proud of myself with my creativity 🙂

Javadi Lab, Group Meeting

A new publication – 25/09/2017

Vahid Nejati, Mohammad Ali Salehinejad and Asal Najian in collaboration with Michael A. Nitsche and me, published an interesting paper on effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on ADHD. This is my first publication with an Iranian team. Very glad to be part of this research.

Nejati, V., Salehinejad, M.A., Nitsche, M.A., Najian, A., & Javadi, A.-H., (in press) Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improves Executive Dysfunctions in ADHD: Implications for Inhibitory Control, Interference Control, Working Memory, and Cognitive Flexibility. Journal of Attention Disorders. doi:10.1177/1087054717730611

tDCS & ADHD, Results

Amelia won Janet Miele Prize – 24/06/2017

Amelia has been awarded the Janet Miele Prize for achieving the 2nd highest mark for her final year project amongst all final year students. This is a great achievement. We congratulate her and wish her an even more successful future ahead. Amelia will continue as a MSc student in our lab, and we are super happy for having her for at least another year.

Amelia (3), Cropped

A new publication – 20/06/2017

In a study we investigated subjective perception of travel time and distance in an environment in which certain locations in the world can only be reached by circumnavigating obstacles. Our results showed all travel times are underestimated and all distances are overestimated. Moreover, when circumnavigation is required, travel times are further compressed and distances are further expanded.

Brunec, I. K., Javadi, A.-H., Zisch, F. E. L., & Spiers, H. J. (2017). Contracted time and expanded space: The impact of circumnavigation on judgements of space and time. Cognition, 166, 425–432.


A new publication – 01/06/2017

My former student (Julian Mutz) and I published a review paper looking at altered states of consciousness during sleep & lucid dreaming and its neural correlates.

Mutz, J., & Javadi, A.-H. (2017). Exploring the neural correlates of dream phenomenology and altered states of consciousness during sleep. Neuroscience of Consciousness, 3(1).

Figure 3, Lucid Dreaming

Lecture at U3A Showcase Event – 01/06/2017

Amir-Homayoun gave a presentation at University of 3rd Age (U3A) showcase event, in collaboration with University of Kent. His talk was entitled “exercise your heart – boost your brain”. In this talk he emphasised on the importance of keeping active and learning new things.

U3A Showcase, Take Home Message

Talk at Think Kent – 19/05/2017

Amir-Homayoun gave a talk at Think Kent on “Long-Term Memory: Modulating Consolidation”. In this 18 minutes presentation, he talked about what memory consolidation is, and how it can be modulated. He mentions sleep, brain stimulation, music and physical exercise as effective methods of consolidation that can be used for cognitive enhancement.

This is not goodbye – 15/05/2017

My BSc students successfully submitted their final year project dissertations. They did a GREAT job during the last year and they were all fabulous people to with with. Thank you all for being part of Javadi Lab and bringing energy and happiness to the lab. Without any order, Asma, Ivy, Daniel, Amelia, Laura, Noella and Marcus.

interview by BBC Radio – 26/03/2017

Vanessa Feltz from BBC Radio London interviewed with Amir-Homayoun for their recent publication on contribution of prefrontal cortex and hippocampus on future planning and navigation.

Javadi, A.-H.*, Emo, B.*, Howard, L. R., Zisch, F. E., Yu, Y., Knight, R., … Spiers, H. J. (2017). Hippocampal and prefrontal processing of network topology to simulate the future. Nature Communications, 8, 14652.  (supplementary, video abstract)

A new publication – 21/03/2017

In collaboration with Dr Hugo Spiers (University College London, London, UK) and some other brilliant researchers in particular Dr Beatrix Emo (ETH Zürich), we published our paper in Nature Communications. In this paper we showed how hippocampus and prefrontal cortex (PFC) contribute in navigation and future planning, respectively.

Javadi, A.-H.*, Emo, B.*, Howard, L. R., Zisch, F. E., Yu, Y., Knight, R., … Spiers, H. J. (2017). Hippocampal and prefrontal processing of network topology to simulate the future. Nature Communications, 8, 14652.  (supplementary, video abstract)

New Figure 3_final_rgb

A Week at Headway  – 10/03/2017

In the past week, we had multiple visits to Headway, Canterbury to present our work to the Headway team and their lovely clients. Many of the clients were very excited about our work. We are looking forward to beginning our next round of data collection with their help. This part of our research is extremely exciting with real and practical implications, which hopefully can improve many people’s quality of life. Many thanks to Anthony Dickerson, Diane Gate-Ide and Sue Goonery for supporting us.

Yashoda Gopi - IMG_3303 - Cropped

Aphasia After Stroke – 07/03/2017

We finished testing our first group of individuals with language difficulty as a result of stroke. It was a great experience and we thank our participants, their families and everybody who helped us with this research, especially Dr David Wilkinson, Emma Denby, and Professor Rosemary Varley (University College London).

Yashoda Gopi - IMG_3271 - Cropped

Pancake Night – 27/02/2017

As you might know, last day of February was Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). With that excuse we had a pancake night on Monday (as Tuesday was Fern’s birthday). That night I learned that some people put sugar in their pancake dough. We had a lot of pancake flips, even from one pan to another – thanks Jed for being our pancake hero. Of course we had a lot of unsuccessful flips as well, but they did not prevent us from trying again 🙂 The whole team believes in “try again – try harder”. Photo taken by Charlotte.

20170227_195844, Processed

Synaptic Plasticity – 17/02/2017

I wrote a piece for The Question (link). This piece looks at a few different ways that neural plasticity works and its role in many functions of the brain. Thanks to Stephen Turnbull (@memneon) for his invitation, editing the document and preparing the illustration.


EEG Analysis Workshop – 22/02/2017

We had our EEG analysis workshop. The idea was sparked by a couple of my students, then four students showed interest, but then we ended up with more than 15 attendees including two members of staff, PhD, MSc and BSc students. It was super nice to have such a diverse group of people from many different fields of research. Contact us if you would like to have the handout and the workshop material. Thanks to Leun Otten (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London) for sharing her handouts with us. Thanks to Adam Britcher for technical support.

eeg-analysis-workshop-cropped Went Live – 06/02/2017

Our wonderful website went live. Many thanks to my hard-working PhD student Fadi Ifram who put together the whole website. That day and a few following days we received more than 1000 views.

Javadi Lab, Edited

Christmas Dinner – 12/12/2016

We had our delicious Christmas dinner at Azouma. All the students gave a 2 minute presentation on their project and others gave feedback and scored the presentations. Everybody did very very well. Some even prepared notes for their presentation – I am not going to say that it was Fern 😉  Laura won the competition. Congratulations Laura! Fadi is behind the camera.


* Phoenix by my wonderful uncle Hamid Javadi